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April 12, 2010

We need media producers, or let’s go on watching Armenian TV?

IVSA conference, Bologna University

Media production issues and television production from a producer’s perspective

Viktorya Aleksanyan , Slavonic University, Armenia

The production process as an object media studies is a developing stage and is in need of a constant research for the best possible formalization of current processes, included in this activity. As we are continuously stepping forward in the new age of technologies, the production process is becoming more advanced. Therefore, the profession of a television producer is slightly taking its deserved niche in the spectrum of all media professions. The main component of television production process in the future will be the professional training of producers in the sphere of marketing, financial budgeting and business plan writing. Such a professional approach can facilitate the financial conditions for the independent investors, as the processes of an objective estimate of the income and forecasting activity are already being implemented in the business economy of Armenia. The development of the television industry and the up growth of contention will lead to the emergence of new generic formats of the media product as well as new technological solutions to the production process.