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January 21, 2011

Daydreaming at a cafe

… So, I was sitting in a cafe at the World’s End, having bites of little distructions on top of a hot deadline soup… then came a sweet daydream dessert with thought-infested custard… A strong coffee finally woke me up.

I started staring at the watermelon slices in my plate.

“The life is like a watermelon… it can be sweet or sour or tasteless,  you won’t know until you cut and taste it. Life has stripes just like the watermelon does. Bad follows good, luck follows trouble, love follows …another love. People say watermelon is a berry… What the hell!? I thought it’s a fruit, or a vegetable … maybe  a nut? Life has too many meanings, just like the watermelon. It’s juicy until you choke on its seeds…

What a thought!… I think I’ll have another watermelon sli… /sound of choking/ where’s the waiter?

 at KAYL cafe

at KAYL cafe