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October 4, 2009

Motivation, money and resource economy


The Eco safe Venus project seems to be just another classic futuristic utopia. But!  I do believe one day we ll be living in a society like this. Not exactly like Venus project predicts, but something close.

At least maybe…

Except, scientists’ brilliant ideas never seem to fit our billionairs’ future projects about our life…Why are we still using oil and gas when the alternative energy sources are already discovered and tested?!!! We can’t just quit this big game, called  Мonopoly…

Even though this global project sounds very humanistic, the economic theory  doesn’t have a clear realistic statement. Of course we could become a resources-based economy countries, but we can’t avoid having  currency as money is sitting too deep in our mentality and perception of things.

The   experience of Soviet Union showed that socialism works good if not for economy but for personal stability and personal stability is a great generator of new ideas and personal growth.

But even communist era could not succeed to take the Russian rubles out of circulation… They tried but they couldn’t.

In capitalist society of ours we have too many social layers and not all of them do creative jobs. And where do we place simple jobs in the hierarchy of social powers?  This is a big experiment and until humans are ready for it it seems to be quite a dangerous one.  Sorry dear sirs and scientists, people won’t play a game when they know there are no losers in it.  I would really want to change my mind on this…

At least I would drive an electromobile and keep a hope that the more I care and think of this now, the more my grandchildren  will have this mentality set in their DNA.